Health and Safety

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Public toilets can be found in main cities, however the cleanliness of them are not guaranteed. If you are in need to use a toilet, you can ask for directions for a public toilet, and if you can’t find one close to you, finding a restaurant and asking them to use their toilet is the best option. If you decide to use the toilet of a restaurant, it is curtsy to purchase some thing from the establishment such as soft drinks.

If you are traveling long distances using public transport such as a bus and need to use a toilet, speak to the bus driver and say that you urgently need to use a toilet. He will stop and wait for you at a resturant for you to use its services and return back. If you are traveling by train, all long distance trains have toilet facilities. However, the cleanliness will depend on the seat class you travel. Normally first class compartments in the train may have cleaner toilets than the 3rd class compartments.

Toilet paper will not be available at public toilets and small restaurants, so be prepared.

Emergency Medical Treatment

Sri Lanka provides free universal healthcare. Yes, one of the few countries in the world with free healthcare and education, both of which have been national priorities for decades.

Both the Government and Private sector have been rapidly building and improving infrastructure, quality of services and human capital base in the healthcare sector.